Improve Your Fitness and Confidence at Our Aikido Classes in London

Learn traditional aikido and improve yourself physically and mentally at our classes in London. Suitable for beginners and higher Dan grades alike, our lessons teach you how to deal with multiple attackers, but they’re much more than just another self-defence class. Embracing both the traditional Budo concepts and harmony with our inner self and surroundings, Aikido Club London expresses the sincerity of genuine spiritual unity and oneness of soul.

Learn at Our Dojo

Comprised of three Japanese words, (“ai”, “ki”, and “do”) aikido is often translated as “the way of harmonious spirit”. Experience the best aikido classes in London at our dojo and gain the calmness and clarity to face any situation or crisis in your everyday life. Learning the traditional style of Iwama, you’ll attain confidence in life and develop your body and mind based on sound principles.

Our classes are founded on the teaching of Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido, passed on to us by his longest standing student, Morihiro Saito. By following his training at our club, we cross the stepping stones for our personal development.

All lessons are based on the original principles of the founder. We provide a worthy challenge for your body and mind, but training with us is also a joyful experience. If you’re not convinced yet, why not come along and watch one of our lessons before you join, or learn more about aikido by reading our senior instructor’s guide.

Contact us to enquire about our aikido classes in London and begin your personal development today.